Vacation of Year 2009

Sorry guys! Eventually the post i'm going to blog about is not something new. It was my 2009's holiday vacation with family.

It's the day where all of us gather together after for sooooo long! All of us went on a short holiday trip together with sis Jo aka bro's gf. =p I just feeling excited to go and relax after hiding myself in the house for quite long.

I just wish to grab whatever food i wanna eat. Been craving for this and that after a year. teehee. This time we went there with daddy's friends as well. Bro and sis jo went there by uncle's car while sis and i fit ourselves in daddy's car. It's been awhile since the back seats were fully occupied by us. Each time when bro is back, we will feel uneasy cause he is TOO fat to be squeezed in with us. How i wish daddy will buy an MPV for us since we are soooo fat! LOL!

Shopping is a glee thing to do especially with family. I enjoyed shopping with them as they bring joy and happiness to me each time we walked into each shops, making jokes and stupid actions. =p Having them in my life is an honour and gift from GOD! 

We spent most of our time eating and went shopping. Mummy bought us alot of chocolate which hardly can be seen in Malaysia. My favourite giant Caplico Sticks are now available in different flavours. Trust me! It's gigantic compared to the one selling in Malaysia.

Bro and i bought a lot of potato snacks which we used to eat them when we were small those days. We always fight over the snacks afraid that he or i would finish them without leaving a single piece in the can. We still remember those moments though! ❤❤

Time flies! Each of us grew up so fast! Bro is turning 25, my sis is turning 19 and me myself is turning 22 this year! ( Do you guys actually realised that our age gap is 3 years difference? ) =p Sigh. When i am starting to get older, i realised i will hardly spend time with my parents. I used to have this thinking -  "When will i be able to leave the house and work to earn a lot of money? " But right now, i am thinking to become a little girl again. Zzz. I know this might sound childish but i guess everyone hopes to be the one. Am i RIGHT? Who would actually wants to work and carry your own big responsibilities on both of your shoulders? I BET NO ONE REALLY WANTS TO DO SO!!!???!!!!

Alright! Back to the topic. We spent almost the whole day shopping non stop. Eating and buying all sorts of food. That is why you get to see a fat pig in the photos below. =) Without wasting any of readers' time, let me reveal some of the photos i had taken.

Oh ya! For your information, my sis and i shared a room. So we got to do a lot of stuffs. Wakaka. *grinning with evil look*

New year decoration.

Stitch with my favourite Hershey's Dark Chocolate and tit-bits
Strawberry Creme OREO? Yeah. We don't have this in Malaysia. =)

a retarded hideous photo with Stitch before we went to bed.

Sis Jo's ugly tongue. =p

her weird pose. isk

Baby with my jacket and sis Jo's ugly pose. wakaka
the nicest photo of all. =D

bro with her food.

bro was posing with the tiny pineapple. (p/s: i ❤ the tiny pineapple)

McD KFC Ice-cream? I couldn't believe it with my eyes too when i bought that.

Delicious and crunchy vege rolls and fried tofu. (Tofu-s are meant to be dipped with chives in salt water. Yum yum.)

Don't disturb me. I'm busy eating. =p

Big stir-fried oysters. We finished them in a minute. lol! 

Petai smelly beans and fried rice. (I ❤ the fried rice soooo much.)

All of us. =D

Siblings. ❤

Posing with the letter box. hoho.

Stupid Funny pose. 

Turn left. Wait for signal. =)

Sis and i. 

baby in the taxi.

with sis baby J.

random shot. 

spotted a train on my way back to hotel.

P/s: ☛ I enjoyed the moments with my family. I know you guys hardly see my bro in my blog. So this time you get to see him! =) 
☛ Did i mention which part of Earth i'm going for vacation? Nah! I bet you guys don't even bother about it too. 
 ☛ Going back later with baby sis and JY. ❤
☛ Hopefully my car doesn't bring any problems to me. Can't wait to repair the stupid air-cond.


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