Flash Back

Yesterday was the last day of year 2009.
I was just flashing the things i had done during the year of 2009.

Many things happened that year.
No matter happy or sad moments.

Sis was having her National Service training in the beginning of January ✓
Received a big surprise from a good friend ✓
Shifted to new condominium and moved with new room mate ✓

Received a good news from sis. Congrats bi! ✓
Bought my favourite camera which i've been longing for ♥♥♥
Moved to live in a single room on the second semester of year 2 ✓
Excited to hear sis coming down to KL to further her studies ✓
My car was finally here with me 24/7 ✓

My 'baby' car was summoned on the first week it arrived in KL ✓
Tyre was being punctured ✓
Battery of the car couldnt be started due to my careless mistake ✓
Knew a lot of great friends around ✓
Outings with friends and sis everywhere in KL ✓
Driving around KL wasnt that bad after all ✓

Driving back home for the first time with my bestie ✓
Went back KL to work (my first time working in KL after persuading my parents) ✓
Celebrated my 21st birthday in KL with friends. Thanks! ✓
Bbq party with friends in Taiping ✓
Bro and gf came back from Singapore ✓
Short vacation with family ✓

Right now, with new year and new beginning, i'm determined to have all my missions and aims to be accomplished in year 2010
Wanna know what are my missions and aims for the year 2010? Check them out in the next post! =)