New Year's Resolutions ♥


It's still not late to wish all my readers out there right? I am gonna tell you guys what are my new year's resolutions this year. I think it is rather simple. Check it out!

☛ Do well for my examination

☛ Wish my sis gets good results for her Cambridge A' Levels examination and pursue her degree in overseas
☛ Aim for As

☛ Get a new handphone

☛ Travel everywhere i like

☛ Keep myself fit, strong and healthy all year round

☛ My family is always in a pink of health

☛ Get a better offer for internship

☛ Indulge in relationship?

❤ is not something i can wish to get anytime. It's all depends on luck, fate and God. After all, I'm still not prepared for that. So what if i'm already 21, being single and still unattached? It's not up to me to decide or look for it. Some might said i have to grab it. If it doesnt belong to me, there's no point for me to grab hold of it even though it's just right beside me. Let God decides for me. =)

So guys, my wish list is rather simple right? Yea. I dont wish for more. I'm contented with what i have right now. =D



  1. haha yes, it's better to dive in a relationship mentally and emotionally prepare! Jia you! Don't be like those desperate ppl who cannot stand being single and have to be in a relationship!!!! =))) happy new year!!!


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