I can't wait to go back 20 hours from now. 
I'm missing home already. Terrible homesick! Grrr 
How i wish i don't have to attend the one hour lecture tomorrow and heading back straight to Taiping in the morning.

By the way, i can't stand the heat in KL now. 
Just hoping that i can go to my uncle's villa and dip myself in the waterfall. 
Or hide myself in my room with cooling air from the hill. =p
Ahhhhh! I bet it will be 1000% cooler than in KL.
Can't wait to go jogging AGAIN! =D

P/s: Becareful when you take train from Subang tomorrow, sis!
Take good care of your Laprados =)
Lastly, daddy, mummy and aunt, HERE WE COME! 

Say hello to my Stitch! =D