Amazing Weekend

I enjoyed my weekend break with my dearest. =)
I enjoyed cooking macaroni cheese pasta for you for both days. 

Anyway i hope you like it. =)

Thanks for listening to me when i rant nonstop.
And every single moment we had is priceless.

Thanks for letting me to take over your small part of your bed while i was napping when i'm actually not supposed to as i knew i will distract you a lot. haha. =p

I enjoyed doing my nails in your place. lol.

Thank euu so much for filling up my craving for Cool Blog. =)

my mango yoghurt =)

Sorry that i forgot to bring my Sakae card that day. Nevertheless, we still ate sushi-s for dinner that night right? teehee.

Last but not least, my cute dearest ❤❤

Love you always. 

P.s: Busy weekend with notes and paperwork too. =( Anyway i had fun with her since we didn't gather for quite sometime.



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