I hate weekend! 
Yoy know why?
Cause i sleep like nobody's business! sobs.
That's the very last thing i wanna do all the time.

After a few hours of searching infos for my assignments, i couldnt bear the pain (i was having headache at that time) but to SLEEP!
I'm just like a pig only.! 
 I shouldnt be wasting my time sleeping.

I need to complete everything by this week as i will be going back to Taiping this coming weekend.=D
I hate this weekend. Grr.

Say no no to naps as i hate taking naps on the afternoon.
And i'm having fever now. What the.....!!!! 
I'm so stupid~

That's all for my ranting. 
I gotta continue being a nerd like HER!

LOL. My sister's =D


Stop playing with phone please! =p

 With ❤,


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