Sorry for being temperamental at this moment.
I'm just pissed off with the report that i need to hand in to the officer tomorrow.
I don't wish to do group lab report with strangers cause they were really SUCKS to the maximum!

However, today i enjoyed jogging in Titiwangsa lake. 
Thanks to my friend for accompanying me there. =)
It's nice to go jogging after so long.

And to my dear daddy and mummy, thanks for dropping by yesterday.
I enjoyed your companions although it's only for a short while. 
If my class wasn't started at 8am this morning, definitely i will follow both of you to hotel for sleepover.

Thanks for the huggies. ❤ ya lots! 

Arbi, i know ur in Taiping now.
Can't wait to see you dear. 
Can't wait to hear your long grandmother stories during your trip =D

miss eu miss eu bi :D


p/s: autumn concerto rawks. =D


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