Does Matchmaking Still Exist?

So what do you think about the title above? 

Perhaps a lot of people might be saying that in this era, there's no matchmaking thingy happen anymore.
And sadly, it still happen after such long decade.

Why am i sharing this with you guys today? 
Let me tell you something.

I'm one of the so-called victim in this thing. LOL.
I never feel unhappy about it.
Instead i laughed nonstop.

Somehow i think my mummy was worried about me being single for so long.
Sorry mummy. 
It's not the time for me yet. 
I will find my true love it one day.


Anyway if my mummy introduced her friends' sons to me, i will consider.
IF ONLY, their sons are future doctors, engineers and lawyers. =X
Too materialistic huh?! LOL. 

Anyway, it's aint easy to find one.
It's hard to find someone who shares the same interest as you, hardly look down on you especially studies, withstand the long-distance relationship, tolerate, patient and most importantly, he loves you for who you are.

I might sound a bit picky and fussy here,
but i think these are the basic characteristics one guy must have. 
I don't hope for rich and handsome man.
Even if he comes from average family, that's enough for me.
I am willing to share and go through all the ups and downs with him.

Sounded very simple right?
And yet such guy is hard to be found. 

Right now, i will just focus on my studies for meantime because love is not something you can rush about. 
We have to go through lotsa process in order to lead a happy life in future. =)
So wait for ya prince to come to you! haha. =)


P/s: That's all for my personal review.
It's been a while since i wrote a long wordy post. 
Hope you guys enjoy reading it. =D



  1. Dropping by from innit. Hello. :)
    Actually i'm surprised that your mum encourages you to date. How nice.

  2. thanks for dropping by. =) im surprised too. hehe. :D

  3. maybe she has already signed you up for some matchmaking website ;)

    read this!

  4. lol no way. its not thru matchmaking website anyway.


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