Sushi Day Out

We live nearby and yet we couldn't see each other so often.
So near yet so far.
And finally after a year, i got to meet her again.
She is none other than my bestie, Natasha.

I used to think how both of us got so close back in secondary school.
She always be there to support me whenever i'm in trouble. Thanks babe.

And here comes our outing after so long.
After accompanying her for a haircut, we decided to have our lunch at Sushi King.=)
I never know she loves eating sushi-s so much. 
Next time we can hang out in sushi restaurant more often. hehe. =D

She enjoyed eating a lot of wasabi. hmm

She can hold the chopsticks well. =D

Her favourite.

A candid shot of mine. =D

Undecided of what to eat

Flipping the menu with hesitation.

Her sweet smile

Promoting herself in the camera

I love her serious look.! =p

I love this photo alot! =D

Last but not least, we took photos of ourselves as memories.

P/s: New semester had just begun. I'm so busy these few days till i didn't have the time to blog too. Sorry guys. Will blog one soon. =D


  1. I'm not really into Sushi King. Sakae Sushi and Sushi Zanmai are better.

  2. lol..yet to step into sushi king :-P

  3. everyone has their own preferences..sushi king is good as well as sakae sushi and others...

    and i like the last photo

  4. Both you girls hair look similar..hehe


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