The title above describes my feelings right now. *winkz*
You know why?
Cause i will be going back to Taiping to see my baby girl, daddy, mummy, aunt and my besties ^^ 

And i'm just super excited about our outing on Saturday.
I can't wait to go for haircut with sis as well.
I can't wait to go jogging and hopefully it won't rain on these few days.

The best part is that my brother will be back in Taiping too. 
Frankly speaking i hadn't seen him for almost 4 to 5 months already.
I can't halt myself from thinking how will he look like after so long. =p
A gathering for us this time. 

So i will treasure the time we have together this weekend. =D
❤ you guys.

How i wish i can just speed at 140km/h just to reach home ASAP since i'm alone.
Too bad my car is only FERRARI KENARI. LOL!

winkz. =D

P.s: Bi, I can't wait to have pillow talk with you every night. =D    



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