❤ Bye bye 21! Say Hello to 22! ❤

I'm no longer 21 years old anymore. 
Say hie to 22 please! 
Time flies super duper fast.

Anyway first of all, I would like to thank 

Roxy and Quiksilver ❤

Thank you.

Not forgetting my dearies, 

Jing Yin and Jie Hoai ❤

for sparing some of your free time to celebrate and make this 22nd birthday a wonderful one. It was our first time celebrating together. I sincerely thank both of you for stepping into my life and making my life as colourful as rainbow. 

Friends forever. =D

Jie Hoai and i 

 Another shot of us

Jing Yin and i

One more shot

I am really glad to know you guys. You guys never fail to give me moral supports no matter what i do, accompanying me anywhere when i need you guys, listening to my lame jokes and problems, & most of all, letting me cry on both of your shoulders. Even though we know each other for only three years, i always believe time is not the main concern. Who can actually believe that we are close in three years' time? I bet no one. =) 

We didn't really celebrate but at least you guys spend some of your busy time for me by having dinner at Tao Cuisine and Lounge at Autocity, Juru, Penang. 

Ss photo of us=D

Last but not least, 

Photo of Tao

After that, we walked around the Autocity and took photos. 

We then stopped by at Secret Recipe since i crave for their cakes. I never expect my girls to light up the candles on the small cakes. Thanks babes^^

While lighting up the candles

With the cakes. :D

Making birthday wishes <3

Trying to pull out the candle from the cake

Retarded look of mine ;p

With Jie Hoai

Trying to act cute. LOL!

With Jing Yin - peeping at each others' .... haha =p

Cool pose konon XD

I love this :D

Thank you for such wonderful celebration. I enjoyed it. I even went to Jie Hoai's house for sleepover that night. And we had pillow talk till 3 am next morning. The next day was Jing Yin's birthday. ~HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DEAR!~

On Monday i went back Taiping and had a small celebration with mum. Thanks mummy for the yummy Tiramisu cake. <3

Tiramisu cake. *yums*

With mummy and i =D


P/s: Sorry for the late post. =D


  1. Aww, your friends are so sweet! Better appreciate your ji muis haha! Happy belated birthday and may all your wishes come true. Cheerios x)


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