Effortless Things We Did! (Part 1) ❤

Since i had nothing to do during the weekends, friends and i planned to go for expensive yet affordable lunch.

Here we were :

The Manhattan Fish Market (MFM)

It is located in 
Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas, Penang. 
Well, service was sucks to the max. 
Food was terribly horrible.
I didn't get the bottomless iced peach tea in HERE!

Why on earth i get to refill my peach tea in Subang Jaya? 
And the place over there is much more classy than here. Damn.
Was quite disappointed with the food here.
The fish chips that were served were stale! 

And the waitress said they were nothing wrong.
HELLO! I was the one eating the fish chips.
I replied to her asking her to try those staled chips that i had eaten.
And she said she would call her manager to come.

And the manager finally came and changed the whole plate of fish chips to me.
*ignore the whole situation above*

Back to others.

I was busy talking on the phone when they actually took photos of me. LOL!

Ignore my mouth. =p

Another shot. lol

They actually took my camera and snapped a few shots of the places, cutlery and blah blah. 

Back to the normal photos, haha

Jing Yin with the menu

Jie Hoai with her signature peace pose. =p

Now i'm acting stupid here.

Check this out: 


Taking my purse as my phone. lol.

My camwhoring photo.

It's me! =D

Come and eat the garlic rice! hehe

Busy with their handphones. zzz

Candid shot. haha

with Jie Hoai. Take #1

A nicer shot. Take #2

P/s: Promised to blog an interesting blog but i cant. Eyes are abit painful. So i need to avoid looking at the computer for too long and prevent myself from straining my eyes too much.
Will update the interesting one ok? I promise the readers here. ❤