Spam and Go

I woke up at 5 am suddenly. 
Had a nightmare.
Am feeling excited and nervous about presentation later.

I can't be sleeping anymore. 
So i browsed through my photo booth and spotted a few of the SS photos of me.
So readers, just SPAM and GO! 

Posing with my birthday gift from my buu <3 Showering her with kisses.

Currently im obsessed with headbands. =D Forgive me for my stupidity. =)

My face is as round as balloon. lol! =p

Thanks for dropping by.
Just trying to make my blog alive ever since i started my interns.
Less than a month to go before i finish my interns.
And more reports to write after that. 
*held out a big sigh*

P/s: Chao. Gotta prepare for work.
Starting work at 8 am. 



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