Seafood for Lunch ❤

Well well.
I'm so sorry for the late post.
Lately i had been very busy with my final report and secondly my internet's connection DAMN sucks. 
Stupid BB Maxis~

I'm grateful and lucky to know my god dad and god sis.
Thanks for everything! 
Thanks for taking good care of me.
I will always remember how you guys treated me while I'm in NTPM.

Anyway, god sis and i had lunch at godfather's house.
Thanks god mum for the delicacies.
Where on earth to find such scrumptious lunch in Nibong Tebal?
I know where it is.

At my godparents' house.

My god dad lied to us saying that god mum would only cook a simple lunch for us. 
But it turned out to be .....
 awesome seafood lunch! 

Every dishes that were served were delicious.
I was just like having my lunch at a high class seafood restaurant!!!

I hate god dad for cheating us.=p 
Anyway thank you so much! 
We owe you a lot.
I'm honoured to know you guys! ❤

Without wasting time, check out the photos i had taken in his house. ❤❤

They looked delicious, didn't they? 
I'm lucky! <3

Now it was time for us to take photos for memories. ❤

God sis and i planned to buy god dad a souvenir beforehand. 

I wrapped it. (Swiss Chocolate and a bottle of red wine)

Handmade card

The souvenir ❤


p/s: Next week will be my last week of interns in NTPM.
Seriously speaking i will feel sad to leave my colleagues and good friends here but i'm happy cause i don't have to wake up at 6.30 am everyday to prepare to work! Hooray!