New Zealand ❤

I bet everyone yearns to go for holidays in New Zealand. 

And have a look at the sheeps living in the country.

New Zealand, in the opinion of many travellers is the most beautiful country on earth. Situated in the temperate zone of the South Pacific, this isolated group of islands, contain every landscape imaginable and some you cannot imagine. The scenic South Island contains a mountain range bigger than the European Alps, spectacular fjords like Norway, and ancient rain forests. The North Island is famous for it's volcanic attractions, Maori culture, and big cities. New Zealand's stunning coastline is comparable in size to the mainland USA's coast and coupled with unique flora and fauna, this country packs a lot in a relatively small area. 

Now you can have the opportunity to go to New Zealand without spending lots of money on air ticket itself.

AirAsiaX is now offering direct flights to Christchurch New Zealand starting from only RM199!! 

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab this chance.


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