Impromptu Trip to Genting ❤

Unplanned trip. 
We never expect to reach at the top of the place and enjoyed the cool breeze there.
Yes. It was none other than Genting Highlands. <3

Initially daddy planned to fetch sis back from Subang since she had finished her A-level in Taylor's officially.
She had loads of stuffs to be brought back.
Therefore, daddy went all the way to pick her up and probably stayed a night in KL before heading back to Taiping the next day.
However, our plan failed cause daddy's car was full of her belongings till we planned to go back to Taiping on the day itself.

We had Bak Kut Teh as brunch in Klang with Uncle Ong.
Since daddy had so much things to do in KL, daddy suggested to drop us at a shopping mall nearby his workplace.
We agreed.
But then, Uncle Ong offered to fetch us to Genting. 
It's been awhile since i last went to Genting.
We enjoyed the cool breeze that day.

Here are some of the photos i had taken using my Shanice. ❤

This year's Christmas' decoration in Genting is awesome. 
They used recycled bottles, plastic caps and cups to decorate their tourist attractions.
Environmental friendly!
I was amazed by their hard work. Good job! 

This year's Xmas' decoration in Genting

Stupid smile. hehe

Carlsberg's bottles

Plastic caps. =D

Even the fly in Genting is huge in size. Eww!

Sis and i had the opportunity to go for Motion Master ride while mummy went shopping around the place. 

I would rate the motion master 3/10. Lame! Not fun at all compared to Sentosa 4D Magix in Singapore. 

Sis craved for cotton candy. So i bought her one. 

Posing with her candy. lol

We went down to KL and had our dinner together with uncle Ong before headed back to Taiping.
Thanks uncle for sparing some of your time for us. 
We enjoyed ourselves even though the trip was short.
Thanks a million! 

P/s: Gonna miss Subang a lot. hmm.
Pp/s: Some of the photos are not in the post cause they are with Cherubi =)



  1. i miss going to genting! love the place :)

  2. never get to play since we were there for few hours only. will go again if i have the chance to do so =)


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