Short Excursion ❤

Well well.
I don't have much time to go shopping or movie with friends ever since i started my internship.
Anyway, the day has come.

My dearies and i went for a movie at Sunway Carnival.
We planned to watch Harry Potter's new movie that was just released not long ago.

Since our movie would be starting at 9.15pm, we went for dinner. 
And here we were.


Oh my, i craved for their sushi-s a lot. 
Below are one of my favourites =D

Introducing my 38 dearie,

Jing Yin

Another one,

Kah Khey and Jing Yin

Each time, Jing Yin comes to Sakae Sushi, she will definitely order this:

Her favourite.

Now here are the photos that you guys wouldnt want to see. LOL!

My friend and i (p.s: Sorry for the fat face here)

With Jie Hoai ❤

The time for us to gather was short.
Nevertheless i enjoyed a lot.
Appreciating what i have now.
They are my loved ones.
Without them, i wont be able to overcome all the consequences that had happened to me in the previous semesters. ❤

Anyway speaking of the movie, i can't rate it cause i fell asleep during the movie.
Ops. Sorry readers. Perhaps i was too tired since we got there after my work on Saturday.
I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter series though. =p



  1. Totally love your blog! I just started myself, seems like you and blogging have some history.


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