#12 Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness ❤

Was pretty busy on that day. Rushed from one place to another to complete my tasks. When I got there, it was already 8.45 pm and thank god B was there to help me to secure two good seats and it was lucky to sit at the second row from the back. *phew* Thank you! Anyway, thank you Churp Churp for the invitation to the premiere screening of Star Trek Into Darkness in 3D! Caught two movies in a row for this week.

Thank you Churp Churp! 

The crew of the USS Enterprise is on a mission to keep a volcano from erupting. In the process, first officer Spock's life is jeopardized, forcing Kirk to launch a rescue maneuver, which violates Starfleet's "Prime Directive". A number of indigenous people observe the Enterprise leaving and begin to worship the ship. After being called back to Earth, Kirk is relieved of command, and admiral Pike reassumes command of the Enterprise. Shortly after Starfleet agent John Harrison bombs a secret Starfleet installation in London. An emergency meeting of high ranking officers is called at Starfleet headquarters, which Kirk attends as Pike's first officer. The meeting is attacked by a gunship piloted by John Harrison. Kirk takes the gunship down, but Harrison escapes and Pike dies.

After Pikes funeral Admiral Marcus authorizes Kirk to hunt down Harrison, who has fled to the Klingon homeworld of Kronos. Since Kronos lies deep in Klingon territory and Starfleet is on the brink of war with the Klingon Empire, the Enterprise is supplied with 72 prototype photon torpedoes, which should all be fired at Harrison's location once he is found. Assuming those weapons to be too dangerous chief engineer Scott refuses to take them aboard and is therefore relieved of duty.

After arriving at the Klingon homeworld, the Enterprise's warp core malfunctions, leaving the ship stranded in space. With repairs underway Kirk, Spock and Uhura use a commandeered Klingon shuttle to enter Kronos. However, they are detected by Klingon patrol ships and are forced to land. Their attempt to hold up the disguise is just about to fail, when a mysterious figure attacks the Klingons. The following firefight ends in favour of the landing party and the mysterious helper reveals himself as Harrison. Realizing, that 72 torpedoes are aimed at him, Harrison surrenders and is taken into custody.

Back on the Enterprise, Harrison reveals his real identity: Khan, a genetically enhanced superhuman, who has been in cryo sleep for 300 years after waging an unsuccessful war on Earth to eradicate all those inferior to himself and his superhuman comrades. He suggests to Kirk to take a closer look at the 72 prototype torpedoes and tells him a set of spatial coordinates. Kirk orders McCoy to take apart one of the torpedoes. The torpedoes are found to each contain a humanoid in cryo sleep. Khan then reveals that a year ago he was awakened from cryo sleep by Admiral Marcus, who forced him to use his superior intellect for advanced weapon development.

At the same time Scott arrives at the coordinates, which have been revealed by Khan and finds a secret Starfleet shipyard, which he infiltrates. Back on the Enterprise the defective warp core is brought back online, but Chekov discourages from using it yet. Shortly after, another ship arrives in Kronos' orbit: an unregistered Federation battleship, three times the size and firepower of the Enterprise. Admiral Marcus reveals himself as the commander of the vessel, demanding Kirk hand over Khan. Kirk refuses and orders to power up the warp drive. The Enterprise escapes and sets course to Earth to return Khan to stand trial for his crimes. Kirk realizes that the Enterprise’s warp core has been sabotaged on Marcus’ orders making the covert operation to kill Khan a one-way ticket.

With Marcus in pursuit the Enterprise is attacked by Marcus' ship in Earth's orbit. Being outgunned, the Enterprise is severely damaged. Ultimately Kirk agrees to hand over Khan and the 72 bodies in cryo sleep in exchange for safe passage for his crew. Marcus refuses and beams the 72 torpedoes to his vessel. Just before beaming Khan over Marcus' vessel suffers a ship-wide power outage, caused by Scott who had boarded the ship earlier at the secret shipyard. As the Enterprise's weapons are too damaged to continue the fight and knowing that Khan was the constructor of Marcus' ship, Kirk allies himself with Khan and boards the enemy ship. They reunite with Scott and take the bridge. However Khan betrays Kirk and takes control of the ship, killing Admiral Marcus in the process.

Khan beams Kirk and the rest of the boarding party back to the Enterprise in order to destroy it. Spock reveals that the torpedoes beamed to Admiral Marcus ship were actually armed with real warheads while the cryo pods still remain on the Enterprise. Spock detonates the torpedoes rendering the enemy ship non-functional. Both ships start descending towards the Earth's surface. The crew of the Enterprise finally manages to halt their ships descent, but Kirk dies from radiation poisoning. The enemy ship crashes into downtown San Francisco. Having survived the crash, Khan tries to escape in the chaos, but is pursued by Spock. Meanwhile, doctor McCoy discovers that Khans blood may reanimate the dead Kirk. In the last possible moment, Uhura keeps Spock from killing Khan, since his blood is the only chance to save Kirk.

Kirk reacts positively to the treatment and returns to duty. Khan is put back into a cry pod and locked away. The Enterprise then leaves for a 5-year mission.

The movie is nice. I was not really a big fan of Star Trek but I started to fall in love with it. Can't wait to download the previous Star Trek's movies and watched them. Anyway, I really love how Kirk and Spock work together as a team and appreciate each other as friend. *vulcan salute* Hopefully they won't just end here. *hee* 

Rate: 4/5

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