I Am An Unstoppable Explorer! ❤

I call myself an unstoppable explorer because I enjoy exploring new things in life. My explorer characteristics are I dare to take up challenging stuffs in almost anything. I once remembered driving down to Malacca with my friends just to enjoy local delicacies and came back on the same day. I also recalled once that I went to Broga with my girlfriends at 6 am. Imagine it was a weekday and all of us dared ourselves to take up the challenge to go up the hill all on our own. There were no guys with us. 

The job I am currently working now is challenging too.  I am currently working as a sales engineer who has to drive my lil car around the Klang Valley as well as to Penang and to Johor Bahru as well. I remember once my boss called up on the day itself and assigned me to meet up with my client at Seremban. I wasn't given any address to meet up the client and he only gave me the name of the building which took me one hour to locate the place. Thank god the client was kind enough to wait for me as I realised the place was located somewhere in an isolated place (more likely somewhere near the forest). *phew*

 Part of my job scope other than doing sales. I am the one in blue and yellow uniform.

There was once I had to go to China on January this year for business trip alone by myself. Traveled 8 hours to Dalian from KLIA all by myself. Parents were worried for me and even asked me to reject the trip because the weather in China at that moment was -12 degree Celcius and they knew that I am not the type of person who can stand the cold weather. 

 My first oversea business trip of the year which is at Dalian, China.

Imagine I had to wear 5 layers of winter apparels to work everyday back in China. I also faced some problems as I can't read Chinese and thank god I can speak Mandarin with the Chinese people but still some of their language was a bit hard to understand. T.T 

 I know I looked super fat in the photo because I wore 5 layers including the jacket outside.

 My first time seeing snow! *yay*

Thank god I was not alone once I reached there after 8 hours of flight. My technical manager from Singapore, Mr Tad (he is an American man who stays in Singapore for ages) was there to give me training as well as Mr Peter from Australia to work our China project. Not forgetting our translator, Miss Crystal from Guangdong. Thank you Miss Crystal for being our translator. 

 L-R: Miss Crystal, Mr Tad and yours truly.

It was practically hard and inconvenient for me to stay there for two weeks especially China banned Facebook, Twitter and Blogger. So I could not blog, tweet or facebooking at all. *cries* The only thing I did was to update my Instagram in the hotel lobby each time as they provide cable connection in the room instead of wifi =/ I can't even chat with my family at all except for skype and email. =(  After staying for almost two weeks in China, I realized that I could not live without social media at all as I am a social media freak. 

 Beautiful scenery in Dalian, China.

Another challenge that I faced while I was in China was food. I could not eat spicy food at all. So I had to look for food that was not spicy. But thank god, Mr Tad and Mr Peter could not eat spicy food as well. So basically we had been eating fast food and Japanese food for the past two weeks as I find food in Dalian, China was too oily  and spicy for me. That's how I put on 4kg of weight after I came back from China. I could still remember myself consuming HORSE meat without realising it.. =( Both Mr Tad and Mr Peter were not aware of it too. Three of us ate the HORSE meat just before we knew it. Too late to know about it and our tummy just felt uncomfortable after consuming it. *roll eyes*

 A photo of myself with the night scenery in Dalian. It was -10 degree Celcius that night.

I find myself hard to adapt to China's lifestyle especially the winter season. It was freaking cold to the extent that I have rashes all over my body. My technical manager was so kind that he offered me a bottle of bath oil to relieve the itchiness on my body. I had to apply it almost every day before it worsened. However, my skin was only getting back to normal just when I reached my beloved country, Malaysia.

 The terrible rashes on my leg. *scratch scratch*

Besides that, I was really to know my Chinese colleagues. They were really nice and friendly. Some of them tried so hard to learn our Malay language and they were happy to know a friend who is from Malaysia. *hehe* They knew that my country is always hot and humid and I could not adapt to the winter season, they always gave me hot drinks and provide heater to heat up my body when I was working. Thank you people! I really miss all of you! =) 

Part of my colleagues in China. =)

I am seriously lucky to be back home in Malaysia! I really missed home so much when I was away in China. Never in my life that I miss my country so much! I still love my country despite the hot and humid weather. =)

In my opinion, the essential gadget that I can count on in my adventures is my mobile phone. I can't live without my mobile phone these days. Wherever I go, I need to have my iPhone in my hand to ensure that I can capture any moments that I wish to keep in my laptop, update them in my social media platform or upload them in my blog. I find it convenient especially when I have unlimited internet data which I am able to surf all day and night wherever I go. If I am bored, I can always open the Astro-On-The-Go app and play my favourite TV shows that are shown in the app. 

 My essential gadget in my adventures - mobile phone!

Astro-On-The-Go is really awesome because I can always watch my favourite programmes anywhere anytime without any hassle. I can just watch it in my iPhone or iPad at my own convenience. With Astro-On-The-Go, definitely I won't miss any of my favourite programmes anymore! Say yay to Astro-On-The-Go!! *wide grin*

 Having Astro-On-The-Go app in my phone makes my life easier! *whee*

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