Mary Kay Beauty Makeover ❤

Last week, I made an appointment with Mary Kay independent beauty consultant, Puan Suzana for beauty makeover. Thank you Puan Suzana for arranging your time to suit my time. Appreciate it a lot.

 Mary Kay Botanical Effects Skincare set.  

Puan Suzana was busy taking out her make up tools. 

Look at the make-up brushes! *drop jaw* 

Before I cleansed my face, Puan Suzana asked me to take a photo of myself to see the difference after the cleansing application. The products that I tried gently removes makeup and impurities, leaving skin feeling clean, soft and looking healthy. It contains a special antioxidant-rich botanical complex, is hypoallergenic and formulated without synthetic dyes or added fragrance. Most importantly it is suitable for sensitive skin like me.

So here's a photo of myself before I cleansed my face.

Was taught on how to apply facial cleanser. I was not supposed to use index finger to massage on my face during make up or facial application as this index finger put a lot of pressure on the skin which is not good. The same thing goes to the mask application as well. After applying toner, I applied the mask on the face using middle, ring or little finger and rubbed in a circular motion. Bear in mind that always rub the face upwards to prevent the skin from sagging in future.

 I used middle, ring and little finger to wash the mask away.
Before and after.

Mask was applied on one side to show the difference of the skin. My skin was smoother and the pores were smaller. My red spot on my pimples subsided immediately. Yay! *wide grin*

Later on, I applied the foundation primer before applying the foundation to ensure that the makeup last longer. Below were the products that I had used on my face such as vanilla flavour balm for my lips and lip mask, mascara and lash primer, and eye primer.

The eye primer (right hand corner) was to help me create eye looks that grab attention. This new, waterproof formula creates a foundation so your eye colors glide on smoothly and stay perfectly in place longer – without creasing or smudging. It's proven to extend and intensify eye color.
Photo credits to Puan Suzana. Thank you! :)

Puan Suzana asked me to apply blue colour for my eyes since I was wearing blue that day. *wide grin* Another products which I like the most is their makeup palette. Its revolutionary magnetic refill system allows you to customize your perfect color palette. This ultradurable, go-anywhere compact makes makeup organization easier than ever.

 Limited edition of the blushers. I love the colours.

As for the TimeWise Moisture Renewing Softener. it softens, hydrates and preps your skin to drink in every drop of TimeWise® age-fighting goodness. This alcohol-free softener completes the cleansing process and prepares skin for the next steps in your TimeWise® age-fighting skin care regimen. Get these age-fighting benefits: fights the signs of aging by immediately infusing skin with moisture while helping to minimize the appearance of pores; and skin looks brighter and feels silky. 

I also applied radiant shimmer lotion on my hand and the smell was really nice!

The mascara was really good. Exclusive, all-in-one formula delivers long, thick, voluminous-looking lashes. It has Smart Wiper™ technology that delivers the exact amount of mascara you need for maximum plumping without the clumping. 

My first time applying blue colour eye shadow. LOL!

I seldom apply blue colour on my eyes as I find it quite striking. Normally I apply brown eyeshadow to work and this look definitely suit me for outing at night.

Before and after the makeover. Any difference?

Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray

This innovative product helps prevent makeup meltdown and keeps makeup looking freshly applied for hours; in fact, makeup lasts for up to 16 hours. It’s for any skin type, even oily, and keeps face feeling cool and refreshed when sprayed onto the face. It will not stain, dries quickly, and washes off easily.

After spraying the Mary Kay Finishing Spray.

A photo of Puan Suzana and I. 

P/s: Enjoyed my makeover session that night. Learnt a lot of makeup tips from Puan Suzana that night. Thank you! Anyway, I rushed off for movie screening after that. It was tiring but I was glad it was a fruitful day.

lotsa love,

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