I Want To Join The Butterfly Project's Spa Party! ❤

Before I want to say something, can you please look at the banner below. :)

 The Butterfly Project is organizing a massive June campaign for all the butterflies out there which is THE SPA PARTY!

To those who don't know, The Butterfly Project is a beauty and lifestyle blogging community so that all the bloggers can gather, exchange information and mingle around to build social networking with the rest of the bloggers.  

Let me share with you guys my personal experience. When I first join this community, I was just an ordinary blogger who blogs for almost 8 years (5 years using Blogger platform)  and know nothing and beauty stuffs. I love all the different brands of skincare and makeup products, but I never really share or review about the products I have tried/used before. Somehow through this community I learnt a lot especially reading the blogs from the experts in beauty reviews which widens my knowledge and skills in blogging beauty reviews. At the same time, I learnt on how to mingle around the fellow bloggers whom are in the same community and they are really super nice and friendly! Thank you The Butterfly Project for everything! *muah*

Met these two awesome bloggers from the community. L-R: Amelie, Chency and Yours truly.

So through this SPA Party, I would like to take this opportunity to widen my social networking, build good relationship with the fellow bloggers and at the same learn some tips on makeup and skincare products!

Not forgetting I would like to thank all the collaborating brands in making this Spa Party a  successful one and make the butterflies' dreams come true!

Posh! Nail Spa

Thank you Posh! Nail Spa for the venue. I finally can have pampering session with my girls together while gossiping nonstop.  


 I can't wait to have pretty nails done during The Spa Party and at the same time to learn some skills from the experts on how to maintain the nails. *wide grin*

 I can have pretty nails like this finally! Yay!

 Idea Food Solution

How could I miss this opportunity to attend this Spa Party? I can enjoy all the finger food and yummy delicacies from Idea Food Solution! Looking at the photo now makes me hungry already. *stomach growling*


What's more? I can enjoy selca-ing with ma dear girls at the photobooth which will be customised according to our party theme! Yeehah~~~ I can take thousands of photos with all the girls and keep all the photos as memories~ Yay! *in excited mode*

 Tres Chic Party Planner

Who wants to miss this renowned party planner from Tres Chic? I just can't wait to see how the venue is decorated with awesome and cool party props! I definitely would not want to miss this Spa Party!

That's not all. The Body Shop Malaysia, so Soft. so JOHNSON'S®, Havaianas Malaysia and TT Malaysia are the collaborators in making this Spa Party a successful one! So let me tell you, how could I miss this when I get to enjoy all the pampering session from skincare, makeup and etc from all these notable brands? You should know that all the girls love these stuffs. (thinking about it makes me over-excited that I couldn't sleep right now. Hee)

The Body Shop Malaysia

so Soft. so JOHNSON'S®

Havaianas Malaysia

TT Mask Malaysia

Last but not least,  Onlybeauty.com.my, the new concept of online communication portal that believes in bringing beauty to everyone using the new interactive method. They deliver samples and vouchers to the members' doorsteps as well as provide the latest news on beauty products, reviews and etc. Not only that, there's no subscription fees in order to be the OnlyBeauty.com.my member!

 I seriously can't wait for the Spa Party because I might receive a few samples and vouchers of beauty products for the Butterflies! *jump with joy*

Pink and purple balloons theme for the mood board! *1000 likes*

I personally love balloons and this party's mood board is purple and pink balloons! I just can't wait to join this Spa Party and play with the balloons!

Even my Stitch loves playing balloons like me. *wide grin*

Posing with my pretty balloons! I am a happy girl! *yay*

That's not all, PinkNProper, the online boutique which brings all the trendiest brands and items in UK especially for passionate shoppers like me in a value for a money price. They bring brands from Forever 21, Fred Perry, Rare London, Boohoo, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Lipsy London, ASOS, and many more. Who knows I might get the opportunity to witness the latest trends and items that they bring in from UK? *jump with joy*

I would love to join this Butterfly Project's Spa Party because I want to have a pampering session with the girls. It's been my dream having girlfriends to do pampering session together as well as at the same time gossiping about personal life, blog, work and etc. I find it's a bit hard for me to catch up with my blogger friends since I have already started working. Life would be totally dull without having girls outing. So I want to take this opportunity to have a girly session with the girls and so coincidence that this Spa Party falls on Saturday which I definitely can make it to meet up with new friends! 

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