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This is an outdated post. Sorry for the late post. This is my first rave party. Never really had the chance to go rave party because I can't find a group of friends who can really go to the rave party with me. Anyway, thanks to Don from Manoah for the opportunity to join this rave party with Define! 

Got myself a pair of Define VIP tickets and 6 complimentary beers from Don! *jump with joy*

Music Conference Asia is the first dance music first dance music platform of its kind in the region. Heralding a beginning like no other in the Asian dance music circuit, M.C.Asia is a two-tier conference aimed at raising the standards of the entertainment music industry with creativity, the celebration of talents and most importantly, through the sharing of knowledge.

 Begin with a series of events and now an annual festival gathering, the dance music faithful will be treated to an extraordinary musical experience, comprehensive and varied workshops in the day as well as a music festival with huge international line-up of international DJ producers, live acts and regional music practitioners showcasing their very best on stage with state of the art visual, lighting and sound system..

The schedule for the rave party. I reached at 6 something right after I attended another event at Midvalley. I thought I was late for the party. Since it was my first time to rave party, of course I am very excited to this rave party. 

But T laughed at me because no one would be there so early. And he was right. Not many people were there yet. Anyway it's alright. I can take a lot of photos in the event. *wide grin*

Anyway check out the photos I had taken. Let my photos do the talking alright? 

From the photos above, you can really guess what time I was there. *hee*

There were some miscommunication with the organizer that night. Every Define VIP guests who were there were complaining including myself. They actually did not let me in because they said my name was not inside the guest list. =(

I waited for almost 45 minutes outside before they allowed me in. Finally I could witness the rave party myself! Yay! *jump with joy*

The entrance to the rave party event. 

A shot of myself posing with the Define VIP signboard aka light pole. #ootd - Top to bottom from F21 and shoes from FitFlop. 

It was still empty when I entered the place. So I began my photo-taking session first before I went into the Define VIP zone. #girlsbeinggirls

Asahi Beer VIP zone. 

Define VIP zone from far. 

Posing in front of the Define VIP zone.

This is how the Define VIP zone looked like. Looked so classy and grand! *excited*

Walked into the VIP zone and started partying! Yay!

Some of the shots I had taken during the party and enjoyed drinking Asahi dry beer that night.

Shot #1

Shot #2

Asahi Dry Beer *slurp*

A dark photo of myself. Sorry for the low quality photo. =)

Judge Jules in the house!

Look at the pretty lights! *wide grin* 

Left the place about 11 something because I was not feeling well. Anyway thank you Don for giving me an awesome opportunity to party with Global Sound System! Hope to join more rave parties in future! *teehee*

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