FMFA Pre-Party at Prodigy KL ❤

Last Friday after the Samsung Galaxy Life app launch which was held at Renoma Cafe, I went for FMFA pre-party at Prodigy KL. Prodigy KL was formally known as The Butter Factory. So it was not hard to get to the location because I have been there number of times.

Almost of us were there around 10.30 pm because most of us went straight to the club after the Samsung launch. This is why you will see the above picture is quite quiet except for our area. :P 

Time for some Asahi beer? (:

Thanks to Manoah and Asahi Super Dry, the official beer of FMFA 2014, I had the opportunity to attend one of the FMFA pre-parties because it's been awhile since I partied with Manoah. Part of the reason because I was based in Philippines for three months and I just got back from there not long ago. 

Photo credits to Michelle. A photo with the girls (:

Sorry about the outfit though. I went to Samsung GALAXY Life app launch right after my work and went straight to Prodigy after the launch. I forgot to put a dress in my bag before I went to work that morning. This will be my first time wearing jeans to club. Sorry guys! =(

Anyway, this pre-party was not an ordinary pre-party as attendees can stand a chance to win passes to the most anticipated music gig in Southeast Asia! Woohooo!! Anyway, this pre-party also featured DJ's Ramsey Westwood, Mr Nasty & Guru Guru and Monkey & Funkzu. *party mode on*I enjoyed drinking free flow of Asahi beer all thanks to Manoah!

I was glad because I got the opportunity to meet up with new people and enjoyed mingling around with them with a bottle of Asahi beer in my hand. Of course not forgetting enjoying the music while shaking my heads up and down. LOL! :P

The day was still young since it was on Friday night. However I partied till 1 am only because I was very tired  and sleepy since I had only 5 hours of sleep the night before. Sorry girls! I had fun that night. (: 
Anyway check out some of the photos with my girls at Prodigy. This is what we normally do in the club other than listening to the beats and dancing on the dance floor. Heheh. *wide grin*

Photo credits to Michelle. With Kah Mon, Julie and I. (: I love Julie's hair colour (:

Photo credits to Michelle. With Julie, Kah Mon, Michelle, Olivia, Siew Cheng and Melody. (:

With Elvina. She is so pretty and slim. (:

With Li Chuen. (: 

However, don't be fret to those who missed the first pre-party.  The second pre-party is coming soon which is on 6th March! The second pre-party will be held at 2 venues simultaneously at Play, The Roof and iDarts! Don't miss this opportunity to win some passes to Future Music Festival Asia 2014 for yourself! DJ's Nikki and Partners.In.Crime will blast out tunes at Play, The Roof while over at iDarts, DJ Eva T gets the dance floor going with her infectious tune! (: So see you guys around at the FMFA pre-party alright? Don't miss this opportunity to win passes to FMFA 2014! Pharrell Williams, Armin Van Buuren will be there too! *roar* 

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