Hennessy V.S.O.P Red Party @ Play, The Roof ❤

Two days ago, I attended Hennessy V.S.O.P Red Party which was held at Play @ The Roof. Thanks to Manoah for the opportunity to visit which is my first time here even though it was opened long time ago. *hid myself under the blanket*

Forgive me for being late as I took a nap after my work because I was so tired from work. Anyway I was glad to join in this party as I got to witness awesome performances!

 My #ootn. 

I know it's a red party and then I realised that I do not have red dress to go to this event. Thank god I have a pink skirt with me and goes with a black top to come to this party. At least I still comply with the theme right? Hehe.

The main act of the night consisted of 2 local DJ's who spinned under different aliases, with their identities only being revealed during this year's first H-Artistry party that is set to take over Penang in May. Both of them were wearing helmets and suited up in red outfits to match the theme of the night.

 Here's the main star of the night - Hennessy Privilege Collection 4. This unique amber red cognac color with the bottle featuring an intense glossy finish caught my attention. My daddy is a big fan of Hennessy V.S.O.P and he loves collecting all kinds of design and colours of Hennessy V.S.O.P. Will try to get this one for him soon! :D


Next up they had light performances from the dancers and the red lights seriously caught my attention. The dancers were wearing the glasses with the red lights coming out from the glasses. Looks like a cyclop from X-Men. :P

A video taken by me using Samsung S4. (:

 I could not drink much because I did not have dinner since I was sleeping during dinner  time. Lol! This Privilege Collection 4 is the perfect choice to drink when celebrating a night out as it's  sophisticated design suitable for the classy and discerning.

With Siew Cheng and I posing with the star of the night. Thank you Jaz Khai for the awesome photo! (:

We were given two bottles to finish them all at 12am! *wide grin*

Of course, I would not miss this chance to take photos with the bloggers. Finally I had the chance to speak to Zana personally. She is super pretty and tall! I enjoyed chitchatting with her. Hopefully I will see you pretty soon!

With Zana. She is so friendly and nice chatting with you. (: 

With Don. (:

With Joanna. (:

Left at 1 am that night. How I wish I could stay longer because I enjoyed the music a lot. Too bad I had to work the next day. Anyway thank you Manoah and Hennessy for having me. My first time in Play was indeed fun and enjoyable meeting all the new friends and chitchatting nonstop. (: Thank you Siew Cheng for accompanying me. (: 

Be sure to check out Hennessy Facebook page for more info and promotions going on! Have a great weekend! :D

Last pic to end this post. 

P/s: All photos were taken using Samsung S4. (:

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