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Months ago, I came across this Fairy Beauty brand through famous bloggers blogging about it. Not sure if you guys have heard about it. Even the famous local celebrities are trying it too. Fairy Beauty is actually an instant drink and comes in two types which is Fairy Whitez and Fairy Blossom. I am fortunate enough to try a month supply of Fairy Whitez which is an anti-aging, skin lightening instant drink. Thank you HiShop Malaysia!

Fairy Whitez enhances your complexion and restores suppleness almost like magic. Fairy Whitez is filled with the goodness of marine peptides and healing plant extracts like mulberry and lingonberry which awakens the skin’s natural regenerative process for smooth, fair, youthful skin.
Each box comes with 10 bottles of Fairy Whitez, 10 straws and 1 opener.

One bottle of Fairy Whitez contains 22 ml only. 

I was given a month to try to see the magical results on my skin. Therefore, I need three boxes which is a month to see the results (: 

With its powerful effective formulations, Fairy Whitez aids to eliminate toxin in the body, repair, nourish and protect the skin which results in skin tone lightening, reduce pigmentation, prevent acne and pimples and also skin moisture retention.  

Direction of Use
Shake the bottle for 3 - 5 seconds before open. Remove the cap and plug the opener into the centre of the bottle. You don't really need to opener as the straw is sharp enough to be inserted into the bottle. (: It's so simple and easy! (:

After 10 – 20 days of consuming Fairy Whitez, I actually see the significant results. Here’s before and after photo after consuming it for 10 days.

This photo was taken before I consumed Fairy Whitez. A large acne appeared on the nose bridge.

I used to have acne once in a while so I can see pretty obvious result after consuming Fairy Whitez. No more acne after that as it prevents acne from popping up. Other than that, my skin gets fairer after consuming them for a month compared to my previous skin (was exposed to sun for 4 - 6 hours a day back in Philippines). I am contented with the results of the fairer looking skin and at the same time it restores my skin elasticity and tighten up my pores on the nose. However, my under-eye dark circles did not show much difference even after one month. Every now and then, I have to focus on applying concealer on my under-eye dark circles. I can save a lot on makeup after one month of consuming this. My skin gets brighter and radiant and I can go out without applying any thick makeup on my face to cover the imperfections anymore. Yay! :D

This was taken after 20 days of consuming Fairy Whitez - the redness on the pimples has gone!

Below are the photos taken before and after for comparison. (:

That particular acne has gone after several consumption of Fairy Whitez.

The drastic results of the skin tone. I look fair and radiant now. Say goodbye to pale-looking skin! *yay*

No makeup is applied on my face. (:

It's every woman's dream to have youthful and radiant skin. So do I. I always dream to have beautiful skin like other girls do. Thank goodness with the help of Fairy Whitez, it does create magic on my skin by lightening my skin and prevents the formation of dark pigments. I already have pigmentation on my skin since I was young (never really apply sun block not until I am 16 years old). This Fairy Whitez could not remove all the pigmentation at one go but at least it did lighten some of the areas on my cheeks and prevent more dark pigments forming on my skin (prevent skin hyperpigmentation).

I am happy with my current skin thanks to Fairy Whitez. Who does not like flawless looking skin right? Even my colleague said that my skin gets radiant and brighter each time she sees me at work. I am happy to know that Fairy Whitez works pretty well on my skin. (:

Good news to all my readers! Currently HiShop Malaysia is doing a promotion for Fairy Beauty products on their website. You can now purchase a box of Fairy Whitez with only RM80.10 (original price is RM89) or 2 boxes of Fairy Whitez at RM142.40 only (original price is RM178).Thank you HiShop Malaysia for the opportunity to review this product~ Click http://www.hishop.my/fairy-beauty for more info.  (: 

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Disclaimer: Photos taken above are not edited and the product was sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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