LC Derma Skincare Workshop ❤

I had a fabulous time meeting up with the founder of LC Derma, Mr Benson, Mr Desmond, HiShop team and the HiShop beauty bloggers. I had the opportunity to know more about LC Derma skincare products. 

 This LC Derma Skincare Workshop was held at w xyz Bar, Aloft KL Sentral. This is my first time attending event at Aloft KL Sentral. (:

Originating from our homeland Malaysia, LC Derma contains breakthrough ingredients such as Liposome and Lipo Stem Cells to drastically slow down the process of aging. With regular usage, the stem cells keep skin youthful longer by promoting epidermal renewal. LC Derma skincare contains NO preservatives, NO mineral oils or animal derived ingredients, NO petrochemical, No comedogenic, NO lanolin, NO colorant

Inspired by pure - reinventing by science. PhytoCellTec Symphytum has been proven to slow down skin aging by protecting the most valueable skin cells - the stem cells which keeps the skin youthful longer and giving it a better and more vital appearance. Epidermal renewal starts at stem cells but their proliferation is reduced in elderly skin. PhytoCellTec Symphytum stimulates the proliferation of these cells. All PhytoCellTec Symphytum actives are plant-based and 100% natural and contribute to a sustainable use of endangered plants. 

Miss Chloe Chen is the ambassador of LC Derma Skincare products.

LC Derma skincare products which LC stands for Liposome Cosmoceutical is the first skin care regime in Asia using PhytoCellTec Symphytum and has won "Innovation in Ingredients" award in Cosmetics Business Award 2013.

My first time meeting up with Miss Mabel Yan, the HiShop Community Executive. (:

Mr Benson, the founder of LC Derma explained the products in detail and ingredients that were used in these products. He also mentioned that the bottles which are used to store these products are 100% recyclable bottle.

Mr Benson from LC Derma

We also witnessed on how he sprayed the Turnaround Mist into his mouth as the mist is proven to be safe for humans' health in case of the inhalation or indigestion of the product. It was a fruitful day with all the bloggers, HiShop crews and LC Derma team. Of course, we would also never forget to snap photos for memories.

I also took this opportunity to take a #selfie shot with Miss Mabel. :) 

Also, I would not want to miss this shot because HiShop cake is so pretty especially they decorated with the makeup products. Aww~~

I also took this opportunity to selfie with Chency. (: It's been awhile since I last met her. We used to talk non-stop during events and I seriously miss her bubbly look. (: Below are the photos taken using Chency's camera.

Now I know why did everyone wants to use the Casio TR model because it makes my skin looked flawless. :P

 A photo with Alice and Chocky. (: 

Last but not least, a group photo with the bloggers and LC Derma and HiShop team!

LC DERMA Skincare Products Review

Clockwise (L-R): Facial Wash, Lipoceu Turnaround Mist, Lipoceu Hydra Moisturising Serum, Lipo Stem Cell Anti-Aging Serum, Lipoceu Sebox Sebum Control, UV CC Cream and Lipoceu Lumino Whitening Serum.

Stem Cell Facial Wash 100 ml - RM59.90

This LC Derma Facial Wash is a sulfate-free cleanser. Stem Cell Facial Wash is suitable for dry, mature and sensitive skin. This facial cleanser is very mild, gentle and non-irritating to skin or eye. It removes surface impurities, dirt, excess oils gentle. It is formulated with mild and moisturizing ingredients that is kind to the skin.

Stem Cell Turnaround Mist 50 ml - RM89.90

This unique Stem Cell Turnaround Mist from LC Derma is not only going to make the person appear younger, it is also going to keep the skin as healthy as possible and improves the skin conditions. A new formulation oil-free solution does not dry the skin and is enriched with the actives ingredients that are kind to the skin. Other than that, it also provides a surge of hydration to the skin and helps to improve signs of aging or skin refining. Over the time, the skin will feel smooth, moisturized, soft, supple and more youthful. I will do a review of this mist pretty soon! :D

Stem Cell Anti-Aging Serum 30 ml -RM109.90

Skin is always irritated by many factors: intrinsic or extrinsic factors. Effects from the environmental influences surrounding such as over exposure to sun or changes in temperature will cause the skin to turn premature skin and sensitive skin. Therefore it is important to apply this anti-aging serum after toning or cleansing.

Stem Cell  Sebox Control Serum 30 ml - RM89.90 

Skin must be well taken care of in order to avoid clogged pores which indirectly causing blackheads, pimples and so on. Therefore, we need to control the sebum in the skin. Introducing you a specially designed non greasy Intensive Serum (Sebum Control), which effectively offers a new possibility for treating oily or acne-prone skin. The key active ingredient is derived from the combination of two super-leaves that contains tannins to protect oily and acne-prone skin. This environmentally responsible ingredient helps to reduce inflammation by limiting sebum oxidation and thus control sebum production. This serum is an idea daily touch to keep your pores clean and clear. The skin is less oily, resulting in skin that appears fresher, smoother and more radiant.

Whitening Serum Stem Cell Lumino Whitening Serum 30ml - RM109.90

Another product which brightens up and smoothens uneven skin tone areas. It is light, readily absorbed to help, protect and nourish the skin. With daily use of this Stem Cell Lumino whitening serum, an even, balanced skin tone is restored as skin is left bright and radiant! Your skin stays softer, moisturize, visibly white and younger looking. 

Stem Cell Hydra Moisturising Serum 30 ml - RM89.90

With daily use of this specially designed non-greasy moisturizing serum, it helps to soften your skin, toning the skin from dryness and keep your skin smoother. Immediate moisturizing effect with a long term and sustained hydration belongs to you! Remember, “A good moisturization is a sustainable source of youth and beauty for the skin”.

 Stem Cell UV CC Cream (SPF30) 30 ml - RM89.90

Specially formulated multifunctional CC Cream helps to even out skin tone for perfect radiant skin. Its rich and non-greasy texture is suitable for all skin types. It provides soothing, comfortable and hydrated all day long and also protects the skin from harmful UV. It helps the skin maintain an even complexion or correction unevenness complexion simultaneously too. With this CC Cream, it conceals and provides better coverage to imperfect skin.  

Thank you HiShop Malaysia and LC Derma for the interesting workshop and awesome products. Seriously I can't wait to review them one by one. 

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