1st nov

oh god..i woke up early today cause i cant sleep last night. my stomach was aching. haih.so i went walking instead of jogging. cos my legs were still numb. :( hmm..i gonna miss my friend so much. he is a funny guy.. had fun talking to him. ehe..whee...hm..and here comes my favourite moment.ehe. we took a few pictures with him before we went back. then i took a bath and got ready for breakfast. dad took us to a new place to have our breakfast. yum yum...the wan tan mee was delicious. i ate till my stomach was full..then i followed mummy to office. mummy was busy working while i was busy doing mine. sis was doing her add maths. ehe.. while we were busy doing our things, sis started to make jokes. i laughed till my stomach was going to burst. it was hurting. lolx. then, later she walked to tuition centre while i was busy listening to my mp4. :) then, i fell asleep. aha. later dad asked us to have our so-called lunch and dinner at nagaria. wow...i missed the place so much. i had been there almost every weekend since i was small till i was 16. i felt everything had changed. i knew the place was renovated. but i couldnt have the chance to have my meals there. ehe. i had chicken chop and banana boat. the food was tasty. i couldnt stop myself from eating. then, after our meals, my mummy sent us to hair saloon to cut my sis' and my hair... we went for a walk in the lake garden since we just had our 'lunch'. lolx. it was raining when we walked home.i ran as fast as i could. but my whole body was wet. sob sob.. i was wearing white t-shirt. lolx..sexy huh? hahaah...i went back after that..nice day..ahaha...i enjoyed myself very much..

my sis n i. =)

zian n i were looking at the blue sky. ehe

my sis, weiming n i. =)


  1. haha..i was enjoyed the days with u guys! hmm..we'll gonna miss him altho i know him for not long also.. =)


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