peaceful days...=(

my parents werent at home for the past three days. my house was totally quiet especially without my mummy's jokes around. i miss the sounds everytime my mummy came back from work. my dad's voice calling our names each time he comes back home. and the sound of footsteps walking into my sister's room. hmm.. everyone will be happy if parents werent around at home. he or she will take this opportunity to loiter around till midnight without having mummy's nag all night..he or she will drive daddy's car around fetching friends here and there? or hang out at somewhere else? or perhaps having friends to stay over at his/her house and mess up the whole place? haha.. but to me, i wasnt happy and excited at all sis and i were just having the advantage of sleeping in the master room. lolx. And also the chance of watching tv in master room without having my feet walking down to the living room. ahaha...even though mum and dad werent here for few days, it seems like they were not here for a week! thank god my mum n dad will give us a call every night telling us what they did over there. lolx. and today is my daddy's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!! =) thanks for all the love and care you gave to us.. love ya..muackss... <3