2nd nov. =)

i love today tho it was quite bored during the afternoon. as usual, i will accompany my mum to office. ehe..nothing much to do there. sleep, eat, listen to music and REST (of course). about 3pm, my mum fetched me to pick my sis up from her tuition class. then, we went to tesco and taiping sentral.oh no!! the wedding fair was awesome. mum's friend did a fair there. the decorations were beautiful. =) i had my so-called lunch in kenny roger's because mum planned to celebrate my birthday early since she is leaving to kl on my birthday due to her work. nevermind. celebrate earlier better than nothing right?im really happy... hmm...we ordered for two person cause mummy afraid she couldnt finish it up later on. so, three of us shared two sets of meals. ooo...the food were delicious and tasty.. while i was busy eating my chicken, suddenly a fly went into my drink.sob.i had to ask the waiter to change it. lolx. hm.. later on, my mum paid the bill.. the waiter gave us a toothpaste as a free gift. oh god? free gift? for what? a toothpaste as a free gift to remind us to brush our teeth after having their food? lolx. i couldnt stop laughing with my sis. we even took pics posing with the toothpaste. will upload the pics soon. ehe. then, we went and visit other shops. mum wanted to buy the vincci heels but it wasnt comfortable. so my mummy decided not to get them. my mum went to another shoes' shop while i went to look for shi hui. i was chatting with her for awhile. :) then i headed to another shoes' shop to look for my ex-colleague. she was busy, so i couldnt talk much to her. later mum, sis and i walked to look for my colleague and friend. mum and i chatted with my ex-colleague. we were making jokes all the way and talking nonsense. aha. miss it. =D then, we went over to tesco to buy our daily things. after that, we went back. i enjoyed it alot. thanks mum and sis. :)

the day that i enjoyed the most.. :D