my 20th birthday

hmmph...i had turned 20 two days ago. how time flies! my bday was just a normal day. nothing much happen. as usual, i went jogging. while i was jogging i was having a severe heart pain. i rested for awhile. oh my, what is going on? did that prove that im having heart attack? lol. then, i rested at home. sis initially planned to buy me a birthday cake. but i told her she didnt have to cause i knew she was busy preparing for her SPM. i didnt have big birthday cake on my 20th bday. but i had two tiny little ones as replacement. ehe. :D i had birthday card from shu yin. thanks. :) u really surprised me with that cute birthday card. thanks alot. i was deeply touched! =) i got a birthday gift frm a good friend of mine too. thanks alot. i love it. :D aha. my cute little sis said she owed me a birthday gift since she hadnt have the time to get one. never mind. im happy anyway cause she gave me the warmest hug and a kiss. :D i also received alot of sms-es and calls from friends. thanks alot. i was sorry for those who i cant recognise your number cause my hp was snatched before. hope u guys forgave me okie? my bro called me and wished me too.. thanks bro. my mummy was in kl at that time. so mummy said she will buy me a cake later. and today i got it!! ehe. sis, mum n i celebrated in mummy's office. ehe. i was happy though it was only three of us. =D there goes our crazy acts of the day. busy taking pictures. aha. my sis forgot to bring her camera along. so i had to use my mum's camera n mine as well. ehe. thanks alot. i was really happy though it was just a simple celebration. thanks mum n sis. and i would like to thank my friends for spending their little time to sms and gave me a call.. i appreciate it alot. i wish u guys all the best.. :D lurve u guys alot..muaxxx...
my messy sis and i. lolx.
posing with my birthday cake. ehe
she was trying to lick my cake. aha..
p/s: too many photos that were taken. but i only wanted to post these three pics.. ehehe..