i was feeling nervous yesterday. i was supposed to go for training in ipoh. oh god.scary..ehe..i drove to ipoh with my daddy beside me.. ehehe...i dint noticed i was speeding rather fast on the highway.i reached ipoh about 12pm. went to the training venue. to my surprise, my training started at 6pm. then, i waited for 6hrs. while waiting, i was reading the training guides and memorised some of the script. it wasn't bored at all. to my surprise, i wasnt yawning. i didnt fall asleep at all. whee. my fs sent me home about 7.30pm. and i managed to reach home safely. :) hope i will do well in this coming project. do support me!! thanks guys.. :D

my sis took a pic of me before i went to ipoh..ehehe


  1. what is fs? haha..i will support u!
    u will sure do well for this project k? =) wish u a great one!!


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