back with old lifestyle...lolx

i am back. back to my old lifestyle after i had finished my first project yesterday. the job was rather boring. oh no!! i am not supposed to say like that. yesterday my mood wasnt that good. lazy consulting my consumers all the way.i was just hoping to go back and had a GOOD rest. i miss my sis tho it was only two days of working. and i guessed this will be my first and last project after this. :) i wished right now i can spend more time with my family cause i only have a month left from now in taiping. i will just have to wait next year for my semester break again. oh ya, yesterday i met my dearest sulin, sweeling, anita, and also nicole's parents. owhhhhh....i miss nicole alot. miss my smc friends soooooooo much!! when will we have the time to gather around and chitchatting? hopefully we do have the chance... :)