worst days of my life...

i cant believe right after my first job, i fell sick. the worst sick of the year. i was having high fever. bad cough, sore throat and flu as well. oh well, i was waiting for my sis to finish her exam to fetch me to see doctor. it was my second time she fetched me.. ehehe...she felt nervous when fetching me..ahaha.. all i can do was just sleep and rest well. :( i couldnt jog as well. the funniest thing was i was craving to eat 'pau'. aha. but too bad, my mum didnt buy for me right after work. i made faces in front of my dad and mum. aha. sorry dad and mum for my stupid attitude. forgive me please cause i was sick at that time. hehe :) later about 11pm, my dad wanted to go out and bought some 'pau-s' back. my mum stopped him from doing so cause my mum said i just craved for pau at that moment. after awhile i didnt want to eat anymore. after that, i had my medicine and dozed off very quickly. the next morning, my dad woke me up and asked me to eat 'pau'. i was deeply touched. my dad went to get 'pau-s' the next morning just because of my childish attitude. hmm..thanks alot daddy. when things didnt happen, you wouldnt know how much your family love you. so please before you could do something silly, think of them first. :)


  1. hey gal..u better take good care of urself k! =) ehe..nites ya..


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