my first task. hmm...

I didnt want to work!! All of a sudden, im feeling nervous and worried. gosh. How to overcome these feelings? help!! help! The job im going to work isnt easy. It requires great communication skill and the ability of attracting the consumers to listen to me. I have to stand for 12 hrs without sitting to draw the consumers' attention. My task is to consult every consumers about Tesco GDA labeling.

The project im doing is about introducing a food labelling system called GDA. In Malaysia,Tesco is initiating first to launch this GDA labelling reading . It is recognised all over the world and widely used in UK. Eventually this GDA helps us to understand and keep track of what we eat daily in order to have a healthy balanced diet. GDA also tells us the amount of food we consume per day. It is also an indicator to what quality food we require for our body. GDA is originally from Grocery Distribution in UK. They are the founders and they have been practising this GDA label reading for 10 years now. There is no age limit for consumers to follow GDA. It depends on how active you are, your height, weight age gender and etc that determines your GDA. Therefore, everyone's GDA is not the same.

Right now, im going to tell u what is GDA actually about. GDA stands for Guideline Daily Amounts. It is a guide to the amounts of calories, sugar, fats, saturated fats and salt that we should not try to exceed everyday in order to have a healthy balanced diet. The aim of this GDA is to provide a guide for consumers to assist them in making appropriate dietary choices. For those consumers who are concerned on their diet, why not try to use GDA today? it really helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. :)


  1. how come u din tell me about GDA? ...!


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