Guess what?
My parents are coming down in a few hours time.
Yay! But i will only meet up with them in the afternoon. =(

I couldnt sleep the whole night cause i'm feeling excited now. *winkz*
It's been more than a month i hadnt see my parents.
And the sweetest part is they are coming down with loads of food and fruits.
Awwwwwww.... =D *muacks* (gotta be a 'fei po' again)

And i will be going for shopping with my mum and sister!!! =DDDD
We used to spend the time together shopping when we are free.
Since mummy is coming over, then we will take this opportunity. teeehee.
And i will be staying a night off in hotel with them. XD

Looking forward to see them and my sister as well.
Loads of stuffs to share with her. XD
QUICK QUICK! I'm waiting. =p


  1. nyah nyah...they;re back at home..time spent is insufficient

  2. yea baby...i miss them already..:( n u too.


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