My Pleasure. =)

It's been quite sometimes since i blogged about my outings with friends. Hell yeah!! Two midterms in a week. Tonnes of assignments to hand up. And finally the disaster week12 was over. But that means FINALS are coming real soon. =( How i wish i can turn back the time. And for this semester, i was delighted to know a bunch of great seniors. XD It was totally my pleasure knowing them. Thanks a million! =)

Here's a few shots taken with seniors during our last day of Chemical Engineering lab. ---->

with Voon Loong aka Voo Loo outside the lab. :)

Voon Loong

with Tong Lip and Kar Kit. P/s: I was standing on a chair actually. lolx.

my brother, Kar Kit.

The genius, Tong Lip =)

My lab mates. =) From left to right: Voon Loong, Pearson, Janice (me) and Jb

I cant stand to see Voon Loong's face expression. LOL

Jb acting cute this time. haha

I looked fat here. =(

with my dearies. XD

Jordan, the 'shy' boy. =)

My cool and smart lab mate, Pearson. =)


Jing Yin and i in the bus. XD

p/s: That day was my unlucky day again. But thanks to my friends who lent me a helping hand. =)


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