Sweet Moments... =)

Sorry for not updating my blog. hmm. nothing much to blog about these days. I shall now post about my short vacation with my parents in few weeks back. lolx. To be exact, my parents came down two weeks ago to visit my sister and i. That's the sweetest part of all. *winkz*

I'm so lucky to have them. But sorry daddy and mummy for making you guys travelling all over from Taiping to KL as sis and i were too busy to go back to visit you guys. I knew travelling from Taiping would be tiring. But daddy your the best! Driving from Taiping to KL only took you almost two hours plus without stopping? That's so cool. =)

I was feeling enlivened when the day almost arrived. They had their Ba Kut Teh in Klang before coming over to sis's house and picked her up. (hmm. i miss eating Ba Kut Teh). My place was the last destination to reach. They brought lotsa food for me worrying i might die of hunger which i think i wouldnt at all. hehe. And dad woke up in the middle of the night to cut the fruits which i craved for that morning. awww.. so sweet!! hehe. Anyway, thanks alot mummy and daddy!! *love*

I packed all my stuffs and four of us headed to Crystal Crown Hotel, Kepong to rest.

i love the lights. :)

were in the washroom before checking in. :)

My daddy needed to rest cause he travelled the whole day. Pity him. We let him sleep in the room while mum, sis and i sneaked out to the nearest mall which was situated right next to the hotel. XD

Mummy hadnt been shopping for quite sometimes. This time, we bought nothing as usual cause the mall was too small for us to shop for something. :P We walked around while waiting to have dinner at 6pm. We walked back to the hotel and rested before having our dinner with dad's close friend in Segambut. In the hotel, we snapped a few pictures. lolx. My favourite past time. :P

my girl and i. XD

another shot

she was busy looking for clothes. :b

seriously i love this face expression. :D

it's me. lolx.

jamie and janice. :)

i know both of us dont look alike. :(

a random shot.

i love the pillow. :)

her turn to take the photo with the pillow. =)

another cute expression. *winkz*

The night was still young but all of us were tired. All of them slept early except me. I finished up my report before i slept.

The next day, I woke up early to have the hotel's buffet breakfast. Sis and i consumed small amount of food only cause we would be having another breakfast- Ba Kut Teh! Wheeeee!!

the hotel's restaurant.

both of us shared these.

her grumpy look when i told her to look at my camera. :(

At that moment, i could see how angry my mummy was due to the bad service they gave. Mummy was upset with the customer service. She told daddy not to stay here anymore. ZZzz.

We had our breakfast later on and finally the day i wouldnt want to come had arrived. =( We were parting again. =( We checked out after we had our breakfast. Before we checked out, we took a few shots again. :P Here they are ----->

i had no idea what pose was she doing. :P

another shot. i love this. XD

Baby took this when mummy n i werent prepared.

my dearest mummy and i. :D

Daddy sent me back to my place with my sis cause both of us wanted to go to PC Fair to buy stuffs. Daddy dropped our things in my room before dropping us at the LRT station. From there, sis and i kissed mummy and daddy before we bade for farewell. =(

Nothing much to say during the time we were in PC Fair. All we did were buying stuffs and we headed back few hours later on cause i needed to send my sis back to Subang. Driving to Subang wasnt difficult for me anymore. Wheeee.... It took me 25minutes to reach my place after dropping my sis which practically i'm proud of my record compared to the last trip i dropped my sis. hehee...

Though the time was short, i enjoyed every single moment with my parents. Just to let you guys know that I love you, daddy and mummy! You guys are the best. *muacks*

P/s: Had fun.
And thanks for the fruits and cakes you guys brought for me.


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