Short but Sweet. =)

Yay! It's friday! That's the day where my dearies and i went for shopping cause we dont have lectures. teehee.. My hands were freaking itchy cause i hadnt been shopping for quite sometimes. Thank god that our plan was on. Actually i wanted to go to Pavilion but since my dearies urged to go to Times Square plus i hadnt been there for almost a year, so i'll just follow them. hehe.

For your information, i didnt take LRT to Times Square. I DROVE this time. :) It's my first time driving to Times Square. And i found it fun to drive actually provided there was no traffic congestion. =) We started our journey in the morning and reached there an hour later due to some stupid road signs and traffic jam. Grrr. But it's ok since it was my first time.

Without wasting my time elaborating more, let my pictures do all the talking. Seriously, im too lazy to update my blog since there are loads of assignments and midterms coming soon. So i'll just keep it short and simple with more pictures ok? =)

Here there are ---------->

Candid shot. Isk

I looked like i didnt wear pants. ZZz

Dearie without her spectacles. Sweet! :D

another dearie. :D

Both of them walking ahead of me. :)

My dearies on the escalator. :)

We had our lunch at Gasoline Cafe since it's my first time there. The ambience is unique. So sorry here. I didnt take any of decorations of the shop. Wasnt in the mood of taking at that time. Plus the service was very BAD. I wont be going there again. Here's our camwhoring session. teeeheeee.. =)

She was busy looking at the menu. hehe

Jing Yin's turn to look at the menu now. =p

Her cute pose as usual. hmm.

us. XD

My another dear. :)

Dont look at me and Jie Hoai. Look at Jing Yin! :p

Camwhored with the food. But skill wasnt good. Sorry. hehe

This time my skill was better. teehee.:D

My 38 dearie.

my ss shot. XD

I'm not good at posing though. haih.

I bet this would be better than the previous one right? ehe

In front of the bowling alley

i looked fat here seriously. =(



Our photos taken at the photo booth. :)

Though the time was short, we enjoyed it a lot. And i didnt buy much also cause i had no idea of what to buy. hmm. We went back early after that. We were worried that we might caught in the traffic. Thanks for the such wonderful and sweet memories. =)

P/s: Gotta diet again.
Excessive foods were taken.
Targeted to lose a few kg-s this time!


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