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I feel that the god is being unfair to me all the time. First i can’t always get what I want. People who aren’t ‘lucky’ as me are able to get what they want always. Is there a reason behind this story? How I wish I am as lucky as those people. And yet there are people who still don’t appreciate what they have. Why is that so? Being greedy is always the common character in everybody’s personality. Am I right? Ok. I admitted too. I am greedy to the extent that no one can actually have the same thing as me unless i am forced to. Being selfish is always aren’t my type. I’m willing to help people if I am able to do so. But there are still people who accuse me for being so helpful. Trying to help friends not to show off okay? I am kind that I’m willing to do anything for friends without any pay. However there are still who take me for granted. =(

Speaking of guys, I’m totally go speechless for a moment. What am i going to blog is something that is related with guys. If i ever hurt any of you guys, I’m so sorry about it. No offense okay? =)

Back to the topic. Guys are greedy. Guys who aren’t handsome or good-looking always tend to find girls that are hot and sexy. And the guys who always think they are handsome and good-looking which they are not OBVIOUSLY trying to give comments on girls whom I think they don’t have the right to so. Nobody is born to be PERFECT ok? Then, how about those fat and plump girls? Seriously i pitied those girls because I’m also one of them. I experienced it before and i knew how it feels like. I’m not here to offend the guys but just to share some of my random opinions with my readers.

Why do guys get to choose girls and why don’t the girls get to choose the guys in return? Obviously girls who are beautiful and hot get the chance of choosing people. Then I would say, “Pity those girls who don’t have such opportunity to do so. Just wait then.” Falling in love and liking someone are two different things. Guys and girls can be best friends but when it comes to further their relationship, things just sound so WRONG! For instance, i might say that I like him. People will start gossiping around making tonnes of stories that I want to have a closer relationship with him! What the hell is that? I could actually say I'm fond of him as my friend. Is there anything wrong? Why the people out there would feel sensitive about it?

I used to like someone but not love of course. It is hard to satisfy me for meantime because I don’t believe GOOD guys exist in this world. Trust me that even good guys exist, they tend to be more picky and fussy than girls. Is physical appearance really matters? How about the inner beauty? I seriously believe out of 10 guys, 9 guys would prefer physical appearance more than inner beauty.

Let me give two choices to be made. First, would you choose a beautiful and hot girl who doesn’t know how to do household chores and treats you like a slave? OR a normal looking girl who is able to do everything and treats you well? I need opinions about this. Before you guys could answer this, i think i already know the answer.

And how about this?

A beautiful girl without hot and sexy figure to be exact she is quite plump and a normal girl with hot figure?

If I am the guy, i wouldn’t choose any of the choices given. First i am not perfect. I don’t have the right to comment anything on physical appearance of girls. I don’t believe in this sentence, ‘No girls are born to be ugly and just they are lazy’. No matter how hard you have tried, girls seem to be the victims behind all these incidents. Why would guys treat the girls like this? She is beautiful from the inside but no guys could actually see these. All they know is to say, “The girls aren’t pretty. Ignore them!” Human beings are imperfect. I don’t blame the god. Sometimes we should be grateful for what we have. Learn to appreciate of what you have right in front of you.

Another thing, guys couldn’t accept the girls who are better than them. I know the guys are too ego to accept that the girls are smarter than them. Being too ego isn’t a good thing. You will lose in the end. Trust me! You guys should actually help each other to improve your friendship or relationship better. Perhaps by this way, both of the sexes might get the benefits in the end. =)

To be frank with everyone, i treat my friends with my sincere heart. I don't take things for granted. If you are being nice with me, I would treat you the same in return. However, if u treat me cool and being snobbish with me, sad to say i would treat you exactly the way you treated me. I'm not trying to be unfriendly here. But it just the matter of manners. You are treating me with that attitude and I would also do the same to you. But in the end, never ever say I'm snobbish in the end. The same thing happen to guys as well. I am just being myself. And i don't pretend in front of the guys where I am supposed to. I'm just being me. If you dont like the way I am, you can just turn a deaf ear to me. I'm ok with it totally.

But some guys couldnt accept how the girls being themselves. But arent you guys suppose to accept the girls being themselves and not pretending in front of you? You want a girl who pretend to be soft whereas that is not her character at all? Then, you are just mixing with girls who are pretending!!

Hmm. I guess I gotta stop here. It's too long for readers to continue reading anymore though I still have more opinions to blog about. If there are some objections to be made, feel free to drop comments. Thanks! =)

P/s: Finally have the time to blog such long post.

Random thoughts about it

Finally i got to online. :)


  1. It's not about choosing but feeling regardless physical appearance for sure.

  2. Partially right but not utterly..Guys sorta need open up themselves to more options instead of going for the hot or whatsoever thingy that seem perfect to them which can be useless at times..

    note: don't let all that bug u all the time..Ur main aim now is to do well in ur degree and not let this matter lingers in ur head like 22/7?? let it comes naturally..take everything as a challenge or lesson...

  3. lol baby.. its just my random thoughts about it la my dear...got nothing to do with anything....lol...im working very hard for studies...:)im big enough already... dont u worry that im thinking it over smth that is useless to me...:)

  4. wow...as a housemate glad to read ur blog xP...luciky ur english not that deep else i will straight change other blog =D seem like u faced some problem between u and ur guy friend? if i were the guy...i would choose the second 1...believe me not every guy also like that kind u think...some will chose the second 1...

  5. wow wow...my housemate actually reads my blog. haha. thanks thanks. :) hm.. i will be writing simple english only so that my readers can understand it well. this is the purpose of blogging right? hehe... hmm... im not having problems with guy friends. these are just my thoughts and opinions only... and im delighted to hear that you actually picked the 2nd choice. good job wei chyi!!! =)

  6. proven that second choice is taken up?

    jie. the only reason u wrote this post is because something triggered u externally..or else u wont be so inspired to write that and in this case take note..U're not running out of ideas to comment!

  7. lol... not really.. hm.. my dear, i just came up with the idea to blog la... nothing trigger me... its just my random thoughts ok? dont simple make assumptions baby... =)


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