Wei Sien's Birthday

Regarding of the title above, i guessed some of the readers knew i'm late to post this beause my bestie's birthday was over a couple of weeks ago. So sorry for this late post. I needed time to upload all those pictures which the sizes of the pictures are pretty LARGE! It took time for me to compile all the pictures and had them all here. Without wasting time, let my pictures do the talking. =)

Check these out ----------->

The cake in the dark. lolx.

Mango Yoghurt Cake.

Birthday girl. XD

Posing with the cake.

Another shot

Wei Chyi, please focus in front! Not at the cake. :P

Sien's housemates. L-R : Kai Chiah, Micheal, Bernard,Sien, Huei and Kenji

Huei, Sien and me. =)

My housemates with Sien. :)

Her roomie, Huei

Please excuse my small eyes.:P

I have this two friends who were really greedy. Let me show you guys the pictures of their greedy looks. Even Sien's portion also they wanna grab and eat it. hmm.

He took Michael's portion.

And there it went - INTO his MOUTH!

*feeling satisfied*

Licking the knife as well. duhh!

Finished up the cake in his hand and licked his palm and fingers. eww!

Feeling joyful all the way. XD

Last but not least, Sien with her portion. :)

P.s: I was happy for her that day.
Congrats babe.