Relaxing Day (Part2)

Teeeheee... Continued from the previous post. I bet when you guys see the pictures above, you guys know where were we heading to after our shopping in Midvalley. =)

Yeah yeah. Three of us went to take pictures of the night view of Petronas Twin Tower. The night view was totally remarkable. :D We almost got lost again. haha. Overshot as usual. That's the consequences of driving so fast on the road especially it was at night. Oops. Did i say WE? It should be I. =b

We stopped and parked our car by the roadside. I was totally in love with the night view. No words to describe my feelings at that time. How i wish my SLR was here so that i could take the best shots of it. =(

Without wasting time elaborating, let my pictures do the talking. =)))))


3 of us. =)

Cute pose with huei. :)

Sien & i

them. XD

Playing hide and seek with the tree. lol

We had this Italian guy helping us to take photo of us. Thanks! Later we took pictures with him. XD

Photo taken by the Italian. Thanks. :D

Sien and Huei with the Italian guy.

With the Italian guy. =)

weird pose. Zzz

Huei seemed to look cool. =p

different pose this time.

cool view. :)

i love this. XD

both of them again. =)

sien and i again. *winkz*


i love the view. =))))


sien and huei


With flash lights. :)

Without flash lights. =)

P/s: Looking forward. XD