Home Decoration Exhibition in Midvalley

It's a good experience working in an exhibition in Midvalley for my first time. It was also my first time working as a promoter promoting laminate flooring. Was wearing formal clothings to work too. hmm. Felt like a professional worker going to work. *ahem* My friend came across this advertisement looking for promoters to work as promoter and thank god we were lucky to get the job.

But definitely this job wasnt easy. The businesses we got werent a small amount of money. It requires hard time sales. I was suffering working as that. Each time i tried so hard to achieve target. And still i failed to do so. Life's never been easy. Especially for me! I came across all the ups and downs of life. Each time I thought i can really make it through. But it turned out to be a white lie.

Why would people be so lucky each time? Why not ME?!!? I had this friend giving me a piece of meaningful advice eventually. I took it very seriously cause i really appreciate how this friend spending time to listen to my problems. Thanks a lot dude! You never know how i much i appreciate this friendship. I bet you wouldnt see this post as well cause you are too busy with your stuffs. Just to thank you here! THANKS A LOT! =)

Back to my work. It's quite tiring especially i didnt get to sit for couple of hours straight cause we were not allowed to sit till customers approached us. Anyway credits to colleagues for helping me. =)

Talking about job definitely talking about money RIGHT?!!! When i came across this evil topic, i was full of rage. I dont wanna mention about it anymore. Things can never be the same as usual again. I will just leave everything to God for meantime. Just appreciate what we have for now. I'm blessed to have such sweet and caring siblings and of course my parents too anyway. Not forgetting a bunch of friends! You guys know who you are. =D

This job lasted me for three days. Working in Midvalley can make me bankrupt easily cause the food is rather expensive there. I rather skipped my lunch and dinner in order to save money. XD And there was a lucky draw exhibition for the exhibitors. My friend and i were so lucky to get them. We got the fire extinguishers and KL maps for our gifts. The fire extinguishers will be useful for us in future. *teeehee*

*had a mini birthday celebration*
*going back to KL soon*
*meantime waiting eagerly for my parents' arrival. whee*