My Post Birthday Celebration

I didnt know what to eat.
Was hungry.
Where to eat?
"Bi, give me some suggestions please!!"

I answered, "Anything bi. As long we get to eat."
"Argh!! I have no idea where to bring you for dinner. How about Kenny Roger's?"

"Oh yeah! Good idea. I have voucher with me. Let's go!"

So here we were.
As discussed.
In Kenny Roger's.
Her main purpose was to celebrate my belated birthday.
With Andrea, her roomie.
That's right.
There were only three of us.
Doesnt matter anyway.
I was happy too. =)

We didnt have birthday cake.
I had muffins to replace birthday cake. Lol.
That's so cute! XD

Flying kiss for Andrea. =)

them. andrea and jamie

with my birthday muffins. ^^

me, myself and i

hiding my big face. teehee.

nice candid shot! XD

andrea and sis with their muffins.

eat more ya. haha

them with their food. *winkz*

i ♥ her. =)

*chatted with mei yen before we went back*
*it's been awhile since we see each other*
*life is so short. appreciate our life*



  1. it's supposed to be birthday muffins not birthday cake..aaha


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