Specially For You =)

Sorry that i couldnt make this celebration a special one. I knew it's quite simple. So sorry kevin! Anyway, i'm here to wish you HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! We celebrated his birthday quite early. This is because all of us were working on his birthday! Sorry dude. Anyway we hope you enjoyed the lil surprise we gave.

We planned to celebrate at Look Out Point. But due to certain reasons (i wouldnt want to mention it here though), we celebrated at the isolated place. Before that, we had our late dinner in Look Out Point before it was closed. We took lots of photos at night. Check them out RIGHT HERE!!! ------------->>>>

Huei and Kevin

5 of us

with my late dinner =)

with mango puree

i love the sceneries behind


with my kaki lang

kai acted to be like a model. lol

the girls with kevin

he used my scarf. lol

welcome to Look Out Point! XD

nice pose out there!

posing with the pole.

candid shot. whee

Later we headed down to give Kevin a surprise birthday celebration.

with the birthday boy

kevin with his cake. =)

huei, sien, kai and kevin

kev blew so hard to make the candles went off. lol

kev seemed not willingly to let kai feed him with cake. lol

with kevin. he always bully me1

pretending. lol

the girls. =)

L to R: Sien, Jan, Kev and Huei

wearing scarf on my head. teehee

kev was pointing at the girl wearing the scarf - me! =p

hiding my face with the scarf =D

his 'hiao' pose. lol

End of the day,

Photo of the day ---------->

5 of us. =D

Our agenda of the day ----->
* had our late dinner in Look Out Point
* photo-taking session
* lil celebration at this isolated place. ( Look Out Point closed already. No choice)
* cake cutting ceremony
* crazy photo-taking session again
* back home. XD

*writing this post at my sis's house*
*found back the feelings i used to have them. whee*