Outing in Subang =)

Sorry for the late update. Today i gonna write a short post. I had a small meet up with my sister a week ago with Wei Sien. As the saying goes "A picture speaks a thousand word". Check this out!

Sien in Sakae Sushi

The ambience of the restaurant

another shot

me, myself and i. =)

ss-ing. Sorry for my fat face. =)

Below were the food that we ordered

Later on, we headed to Snowflakes which is situated opposite the Asia Cafe in Subang Jaya for desserts. Here's a few shots we took -------->

The beeping UFO

Hid our faces from being snapped. :p

one more. lol

darren and andrea =)

andrea, bi's room mate

sien and i. XD

The lights were blinking indicating that our desserts were ready to be taken from the counter

Sien's dessert

with creamer

My Taroballs series' dessert =D

Sis was feeding me. XD

one more. *teehee*

my turn to feed Sien. hehe

Almost done with feeding.

*munching and swallowing* lolx. =p

Last but not least,

andrea and darren's turn to eat. hehe

Drove back home after our desserts. Bade sis with a fond farewell and gave a big hug. *winkz*

*had a wonderful experience with my babes*
*thanks baby for being so understanding*
*love you*