Met Amber Chia in Person!

It was a short outing for us. Our main purpose was to grab some heels since her pair of heels was in bad condition and im terribly desperate for more heels. =) In the end, you know where were we? We were stucked at apparels' shops most of the time. Zzzz

I bought a top for her. Thank god she loved it! =D She tried on a few apparels.

I think this suits her the most.

us. =D

her face expression! lol

While walking around, we saw Amber Chia in person at Jaspal. She is so tall. I envied her. hmm. Wish i can grow as tall as her.

We walked away and went into a few shops. I spotted a few dresses i ♥. But i didnt purchase any of them. Spotted one in Forever 21 and tried on it. Bought it immediately. XD

this is the one. whee

What i love the most in Sunway Pyramid is the washrooms. Every washrooms comes up with quotes which i really ♥ it. Here's one to show you guys.

camwhoring in the washroom. teehee

At night, i accompanied her studying while i chatted with my friends. Here's a goodnight kiss for her before we slept at 4am. ❤

For her.

✭going to be a busy week✭
✭hopefully it will become a successful plan✭



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