My 21st Birthday Celebration

I'm back guys. Since i had promised you guys to blog about my recent 21st birthday celebration. So here it is. This was my first time celebrating in KL and without my parents. My parents celebrated for me each year and this year i didnt get the chance to celebrate with my loved ones. Sorry mummy and daddy and baby aka sis as well. Oh well, my birthday started with working. I had to work in Low Yat Plaza during my birthday. I felt good somehow cause i received numerous of sms-es from dear friends who were busy preparing for their finals and yet they still remember my birthday. Thanks guys!

I thought my birthday would end up going back home from work and rest to continue my work for next day since i'm quite tired. Eventually it DIDNT. They gave me a big huge surprise included my new colleagues. Thanks for such wonderful surprise! =) While waiting, (no idea what were they waiting for) we took a few pictures along Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Here's a few shots =)

The girls in Windows 7 uniform. XD

To Phy: What are you doing? lol.

My new colleague, Phy Phy aka Stephy. XD

P.s: Kevin Chai, special thanks for making me drop my tears in front of you for the first time. lol.

Photo of myself crying as a proof. =(

oh gawd, i looked ugly in this picture. hmm

That is Mr Kevin, the culprit. =p

Anyway they celebrated my birthday at The Ship in Bukit Bintang. Sweet! I had captain and sailors serving me and my gangs. XD Seriously i was embarrassed wearing the Windows 7 uniform to this restaurant cause everyone in the shop wore formally. =(

I ordered these that night. ------->

The appetizer


Mango and prawn cocktail. Dissatisfactory though.

Mango juice

Too full after consuming them. Zzzzz

My bestie who always be there to listen to my craps and help me whenever i'm in trouble

I blocked him from taking pictures. lol

Eric and new colleague, Jun

Eric. Never expect i ended up celebrated my 21st birthday with you. Thanks alot!

Let me introduce to you two new big babies. They are




cute right?



Baby-ish look of him.

*clap clap clap*

I was happily feeding Stephy while Sien felt sad cause i didnt get to feed her. lol

the girls that night

sweet kisses fron Huei and Phy phy =)

Come come! I give you a kiss want?

My dear Stephy can still read magazine in the restaurant.

I addressed her as Phy Phy aka Stephy XD

Trying to act cute. lol

nice one! =)

All of the sudden, the crowd went quiet and music was turned on. A birthday song was played. Gosh! I was totally surprised. A captain brought the cake to me and his sailors sang along together with us. Thanks! It was a huge chocolate cake from Secret Recipe. Thanks buds!! XD

The captain stood by my side singing along with us.

while making the wish. =D


My 21 candles on the cake with me. *winks*

Cute Stephy, Huei and i

Cake-cutting session

The cake was being cut finally. XD

credits to Jun, the photographer.

the guys

with Huei

My 38 besties. =)

Sorry for my stupid pouting pose

Neighbouries. *winkz*

Us. XD

We went back rather late that night. Another surprise i had that night again. Gotta tell you guys what surprises i received in the next upcoming post. Till then, chaoz.


*Thanks to my buddies for making my 21st birthday a meaningful one*
*Special thanks to Jun for being the photographer on my special day*


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