Surprises for Meeeee :D

**I received it late. I found it in my letter box and picked it up. Was wondering who sent me a card. I spotted a stamp from Australia. I wasnt unsure whose handwriting was that. I figured it out for quite sometime till i opened the card. The card was written like this ----->

Once i opened it, i knew who was it. He is one of bestie when i was in secondary school. We used to play together when we were kids. He is none other than Mr Jeremy Leong - my neighbour. Ohh gawd! I couldnt believe with my eyes that he actually sent this birthday card all the way from Australia. Thanks Jem! Thanks for remembering my birthday! XD

This is the front cover of the card. =)

**Another surprise from my friends. I was touched to see that. Once again, i cried with joy. Thanks babes. Thanks for spending so much time to do it. Thanks a lot! =)

A poster of us. XD

They did it in the middle of the night. And what makes me feel bad about it? They still had to work the next morning. Sorry for the trouble dudes. =( Anyway thanks a lot. I appreciate all the times we had. Thanks again.

**Besides that, i received a scarf from a friend of mine. Thanks! Never expect people like you can gave a scarf for my birthday. lol. =)

**I received a big surprise from my dear baby too. Thanks bi ^^ Happy to receive such gifts from you. I knew you must be saving so hard to buy me those gifts. Anyway, thanks a lot. Love you to the max. I'm sorry that we couldnt celebrate during my birthday. But we did had mini celebration right? hehe.

Eventually i was surprised to receive handbag and a bottle of perfume from her. Who would actually expect her buying such lovely gifts for me? She saved so hard for her living expenses and yet she bought me a present. That's so sweet of you, my dear jamie. XD Anyway, i love those gifts even though i hate white handbag. She commented that all my stuffs are black in colour. That was why she purchased something white for me. Anyway i looked nice in white handbag too. haha. Thanks thanks again!!!! ^^

Peki is so busybody. She too wanna take picture with my gifts. lol

Bi said she still have things to give me. Hmm. Wondering what will she give me. lol.
You dont have too babe. My turn to give you a big surprise then! hehe. =p

*Am happy to receive a number of presents*
*Was disappointed with some attitude problems*
*Completed another job*
*Going to Subang later on. whee*



  1. the white handbag is nice suits u a lot...sometimes bring some colors to ur life might be interesting ^-^ btw...wish u a belated happy birthday !^^

  2. hmm.thanks my dear coco...:) hmm..yea. eventually it looks nice on me. hehe.... =))


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