Windows 7 Launching Event

Basically, our job (Sien and I) is quite simple. Both of us were placed outside the Viewnet Hyperstore to work at the redemption counter. Working with Stephy and Huei was fun too. Thanks a million babes!

Below are the photos we had taken during the week of Windows 7 Launching Event. ------>

Viewnet Hyperstore, the place i'm working in

The backdrop

The redemption counter

The Wheel of Fortune

The registration counter for members

The piles of envelopes of vouchers for new members

Eric and Sien

Eric and i.

Stephy and i

ss-ing. *winkz*

the girls. XD

the girls with Eric. lol

Below are the photos taken using a DSLR camera. Wooot! I'm in love with DSLR now. *winkz* Credits to Jun and his camera. =)

my serious look. lol

black and white XD

whee.. coloured balloons. =D

Stephy =)

Eric with his cupcake

Sien with her cupcake

with their cupcakes

posing with the cupcakes

with Sien

Before that, let me introduce to you the most free event crew of Windows 7 Launching Event. Check these out! lol. (I bet when he sees this, he will chop me into pieces) =P


He is none other than Mr Eric-a Wong

He fell asleep. XD

Different pose of sleeping. lol

Clear close-up of him. *winkz*

How time flies! 7 days of work in Low Yat Plaza had just ended. I'm happy to meet up with new and great friends. Thanks again. *loVe*

*how i wished it never happened but it just did*
*tonnes of things are stucked in my mind. sigh*



  1. Janice, i'm gonna charge u for copyrights.. u need to pay lo to post my sleeping pose here.. =.=


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