Another Stupid Case from UTAR!

Let share with you something idiot incident happening to me.

This morning it rained quite heavily and i needed to go to university to attend classes as usual at 8am on wednesday. So after i picked Shu Yin, we headed to uni and i thought of trying my luck to park my car and the guard eventually let me drove in. But of course he took my student ID away.

The next thing, after i ended my class which was at 2pm, I drove my car out and collected my student ID at the guardhouse. All of the sudden, i had this stupid fucking idiot Chinese guard raised his voice and scolded me.

"What time you came to university this morning?!!!", he raised his voice.
I said, "8am in the morning".
"You know you are not supposed to park your car in uni since you dont have the parking sticker?!!! You know i can just clamp your car and you need to pay me rm20!!. RM20 per clamp! You don't know the rules is it?" This fucking idiot chinese guard yelled at me!

Hello! I was talking nicely to you and why would you shouted at me like MAD COW? No social etiquette? FUCK OFF MAN! I even apologised to you and you just ignored me and scolding me like i'm nobody's child? My mummy gave birth to me ok? I'm not collected from trash OK! I was so patient and let him scolded me. Damn. And I cried the moment i left. Never ever people scolded me like that before! If that time i couldnt bear with it, i might fight with him and the whole guard house will be exploded!

Imagine if he spoke nicely to me at that time, i would at least still accept for what he was doing since it's his responsibility. But PLEASE! Your malay guard never even tell me to drive out the car when the rain stopped while i passed the student ID to him. So it's not my fault at all. Don't simply scold me idiot! Don't challenge me to do something that i dont wish to do. I might publish in newspaper and humiliate you! I might turn the whole UTAR down if i want. I can even make you lose your job! 


This fucking guard need no respect from me ANYMORE since he doesnt even know how to respect people. Why should i respect an old man since he never learn how to respect people? No wonder he is still working as guard!!!!

P/s: I don't mind telling all these to readers out there cause i want people out there to know how SUCKS the management of UTAR!!!!

Pp/s: A new lesson to be learnt today - learn to respect people before you want people to respect you first!!


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